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So we just have a short little blurb here that we would like to say. We are happy to announce that we now have just set up our own web forum. It is always a bit of a struggle trying to effectively network with our supporters and getting them in contact with people in their area. We are hoping that this will help with this problem and will also help us in our growth as a movement. We have also tried to set this forum up in a way that we won’t be getting the vast number of anti-whites present either lurking or trolling that there are on other forums such as Stormfront. It is explained a little better and in more detail on the “Supporting B&H” page on our website. In short we are going to be charging a small subscription fee which should take care of the vastly unemployed and government subsidized left wingers and for the ones that do manage to panhandle enough they can pay for the pleasure of our company and directly help fund the movement. We feel this will most likely deter most but do also have other things in place to help with this.

Anyway we would encourage you to check out our “Supporting B&H” page to find out more and come join us on the forums!


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