A Day To Remember

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Greetings again and a late welcome to 2017. This year we are planning to really step up our activity in a number of different ways. One way is that we are hosting events every month this year as well as our continued weekly gatherings. We have seen a lot of momentum in Calgary with a growing group of Nationalists and to facilitate this growth and for hopeful future growth we have moved our Calgary chapters club house and venue to a much larger location which will give us the room needed for growth and new activities.
So to start this year off we are organizing our first event this year to remember a great man who had fought against the oppressive censors who work very hard to silence the people of this movement. We think a man who fought for as long and hard as he had deserves to be remembered. Join us Saturday January 28th for an event and presentation dedicated to the memory of Mr. Douglas H. Christie. We will be having a few videos being shown as well as a presentation by one of our members and a light dinner prepared for everyone in attendance.

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