Workers Unity Day

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Come join us on May 6th 2017 for our Workers Unity Day event at the Calgary Club House.

Don’t let the name of this event fool you into thinking this will be some Marxist/Commie rally against the labour leaders who employ the middle class. We are here for a good time and a revitalization of unity between the classes and for a time of appreciation for all the people that keep the societal machine moving like a smooth well oiled machine where every functioning part is appreciated and recognized as important.

We reject the divisive attitude of pitting worker and employer against one and other and embrace the worldview that sees us as playing different positions on the same team with the same goals.
So leave your shitty “screw the boss” attitude at home and come out for some good fun with games, talks and a meal to name a few things on the agenda.

Doors open at 4PM
$20 cover charge at the door or $15 in advance

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