Blood and Honour Canada (Club 28) is a tight-­knit, culturally in­-tune organization operating independently of any religious or political organizations. It is the practice of Canada’s Blood and Honour movement to raise awareness of issues concerning the many unique, and rich European cultures, heritages, and histories that have come together to shape Western Civilization. It is our belief that through our efforts we might preserve and pass on those values which have helped to shape us to future generations. As an organization Blood and Honour Canada proudly promotes education, physical fitness, and self-reliance- both inside and out of our organization, believing that in order to secure the future of our cultures and lifestyle, it is necessary to acknowledge and resolve the issues of each individual who would work with us toward our common goal.

As an organization, Blood & Honour Canada firmly believes that the best and most effective means of accomplishing our goals is through a combination of direct and indirect actions. We understand the importance of person-to-person interactions as being paramount to our success, and to accommodate this, we extend open invitations to numerous charitable events and social gatherings that we organize and host as a means of educating our guests on current events, supported charities and when possible, to alter some of the misconceptions held about our organization.