Government revokes group’s charity status, audit cites possible funding of Pakistani militants

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By:Stewart Bell and Sean Craig Originally published by Global News, July 19 2017 See original article: Charity funding Pakistani Militants… Federal regulators have revoked the charity status of a Canadian Islamic organization after an audit uncovered problems including tax receipts that … Read More

Vancouver Sun: Canada replacing its population a case of willful ignorance, greed, excess political correctness

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By Martin Collacott Published by The Vancouver Sun June 4 2017 See article: Canada Replacing Population According to University of London professor Eric Kaufmann, almost seven out of 10 Vancouver residents will be “visible minorities” within two decades and 80 per … Read More

Warner Bros. Suspends Production of “Bachelor in Paradise” After Producers Attempting to Engineer Miscegeny Wind up Filming Sexual Assault

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By Sadaf Ahsan Originally Published by The National Post, June 12 2017 See article: Bachelor in Paradise shut down…     This season’s Bachelor in Paradise is idyllic no more. According to TMZ, production has been shut down in Sayulita, Mexico by … Read More

The Vintage News: The first Viking boat burial site in the UK is found, renewing interest in the legends of female Norse warriors called Shieldmaidens

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By Ian Harvey Published by The Vintage News, May 14 2017 See article: The first viking boat burial…     At an archaeological site in Western Scotland, a Viking warrior was found buried in a 17-foot boat. As the grave contains … Read More

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