Welcome to the official home page of Canada's Blood and Honour movement.


Blood and Honour Canada (Club 28) is a nationalist organization and European cultural group operating independently of any political party. It is our goal to raise awareness of issues concerning our nation and the people here in, as well as to unite those people with a legitimate interest in securing the future of our European cultural identity under one common banner. Blood and Honour Canada is a secular organization promoting intelligence, common sense and self-
preservation while encouraging a broader understanding of all the religions which have been crucial in the forming of our great European Identity.

News and Updates

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Yuletide Bash Event Review Well we would first off like to thank everyone who came out to our event. Some of which traveled a fair distance from all different corners of the province as well as some guests from out … Read More


  So we just have a short little blurb here that we would like to say. We are happy to announce that we now have just set up our own web forum. It is always a bit of a struggle … Read More

Break The Silence Event Review

Break The Silence Event Review Well first things first we would like to extend our thanks to Monika Schaefer for traveling so far to be with us last night and performing a lovely set on her violin that was thoroughly … Read More

ISD Memorial 2016
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ISD Memorial September 24, 2016 The Ian Stuart Memorial or the I.S.D. as it has become known to comrades and supporters all over the world is held annually on the third week of September. Blood and Honour has successfully held … Read More

6 Year Anniversary

Come join us in celebrating our 6 year anniversary! We’ve come a long way over the past 6 years, strengthening and growing the Blood and Honour movement in Canada with a lot of thanks going out to our loyal supporters … Read More

Calgary Event Review
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As an organization, Blood and Honour Canada understands the importance of personal interactions as paramount to our success. We extend open invitations to join us at our own local venues for the numerous charitable events and social gatherings that we … Read More

Midsummer Night’s June Event

Midsummer Night’s Blood and Honour Canada will be hosting our Midsummer Night’s event June 11th 2016 in Calgary Alberta and would like to encourage everyone to come out for the fun. Midsummer has been a traditional celebration of our people … Read More